Abilities in Action LLC - Services - Frankfort, KY
Abilities in Action LLC - Administrative Management/Virtual Assistance
Services Offered
Abilities in Action LLC specializes in providing services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, speakers, and Speakerpreneurs (a term coined by Marquesa Pettway, a professional speaker and speaker coach - www.nationalcenterforspeakertraining.com).  The services provided include but are not limited to:

Administrative Management Services:
Word Processing
Spreadsheet Development
Charts & Graphs
Powerpoint Presentations
Newsletter Development
Brochure and Flyer Development
Social Media Marketing
Blog and Social Media Management
Project Management

Speaker and Author Support:
Event Planning
Travel Arrangements
Appointment Scheduling
Marketing Support and Planning
Proofreading and Editing
Contact and Database Management
Speaker One Sheet Creation
Press Kit Creation
Customer Service / Client Support
Business Promotion
Workshop Materials Creation


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